How to Authenticate Apps & set a Default Application for Sending Posts

One of the two notifications you get as a new user of Pilot Poster is that you have not selected the default application for your account. You can only post to groups with the apps that you have authenticated. And we recommend authenticating as many as possible so you can be switching from time to time.

The list of applications will always be updated by Team Pilot Poster. To ensure safety and avoid ban, we’ll be updating the apps list to give more freshness to posts from our system. So don’t be surprised when you don’t see some apps you’ve authenticated or when you see new apps. We’ll always put YOU first.



It is highly recommended that you add a facebook account first? Here is how to.

How to authenticate and set a default application for your account

Step 1: Goto settings from the main menu and go to the Facebook Apps tab.

By default, the Graph API Explorer is authenticated if you have added your Facebook account.


Confirm that the name shown in the notification is the same as the facebook account that you want to authenticate, otherwise you can switch account with the Swith fb account button from the main menu.

Step 2:  Click on the app you wish to authenticate. A pop up will come up, then click Authenticate the App.


Step 3: Another pop up comes up. Ensure you set the permission to PUBLIC and click Okay. You will get a success and a warning message. And then close the pop up.


Step 4: Now click on Get app authenticate link. A pop up comes up, COPY the entire URL from the address bar and paste in the text area as shown below;

authenticate-facebook-appStep 5: Click on Set Access Token. And the message The access token has been saved Successfully will appear. Now you have successfully authenticate an app. You can now select this app whenever you are posting.

To set a default application for posting

Goto Settings > Posting Settings > Facebook App

Select your preferred facebook application for posting. This way you don’t have to be changing apps during every campaign.

Drop comment below if you need help authenticating your apps.


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  1. Ale

    I’m using google chrome. When i clic on “get app authenticate link” i get this:


    1. Ale

      I solved it. You have to copy quickly the url in the pop up before it changes

      1. Pilot Poster

        We’re glad you solved it on your own. Kudos!

  2. Joy Nanda

    Should I authenticate all of the apps listed? Some will; some won’t.

    1. Pilot Poster

      You only need to authenticate the apps you need. Authenticating more apps gives you more options though and switching between apps reduces your chances of getting thrown into facebook jail. Thank you.

  3. i’m properly registered but the list of groups does not appear, there are only pages.
    thanks, Will.

    1. Pilot Poster

      Ensure Show Group box is ticked. You can find it on your Pages List on the home page.

  4. michal dror

    im on google chrome, went through the process again and still getting an HTML code instead of URL…. i tried on different apps as well. all the same….

  5. michal dror

    when i try to get the authenticate link for an app i get this:


    and not a link. when i copy and paste it to the window i get an error saying ” Please entre your access token”
    what to do?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Please change your browser. We recommend google chrome.

      If that doesn’t work, contact us on We’ll provide you an alternative way to authenticate apps.

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