How to Successfully Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

This article will be focusing on guiding you to successfully create and post to your groups. We’ll be taking the posting procedures one step at a time with screenshots so that even beginners can easily follow without stress.

We believe that you have successfully created a Pilot Poster account and you have done the necessary basic setups like adding a facebook account and also authenticated apps for sending posts.

Preparing Your account

The first step in making a post is to prepare your account first. Make sure your Timezone has been set to avoid having different time as the server. Set your Posting Settings, decide if you want only your open groups to display, set if you want your post and links to have Unique ids (Recommended). Read our article on preparing your account to fully understand it.

Preparing your Facebook Groups (Sorting Your Groups by Category)

It is recommended to sort your groups by category so you can easily know what to post to each category. This is not mandatory but if you want to achieve the best result in posting to multiple Facebook, then it is highly recommended.

Preparing your Post

Facebook have have four different post types, Message, Link, Image and Video. We have designed our system to be able to also post these four post types. In this article, we’ll be using the Link post type for demostration.

How to Post to Multiple Facebook Groups

Posting is done from the app homepage. So go to Home from the main menu

 1. Select your Groups: Scroll down from the home page and select the groups you wish to post. (If you have created a category, select the category  from the drop down).

facebook group auto poster

2. Create your post: After selecting all the facebook groups you want to post, scroll up now to create your post. Select your post type (Message, Link, Image, Video). In this case we’ll be selecting Link.

Pilot Poster facebook auto poster

Now fill the post boxes as shown in the screenshot above. A preview will be displayed in the right hand side of your screen to see how it’ll be displayed on facebook.

3. Posting/Scheduling: To post instantly, Simply set your post interval and click the send now button. Relax and watch your post being posted to the groups with the intervals set.


For Scheduling: To schedule posts for later time while you are away. You do NOT have to use the Send now option, instead, click on Scheduled Posts additional fields are opened automatically which you can fill like in the image below;

post schedule pilot poster

Note: You must Save a post first before before you can schedule and we recommend using iPhoto app for post scheduling.

To view your scheduled posts, go to Posts from the main menu and click on Scheduled Posts.

pilot poster scheduled posts


Drop comment below if you need help.

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  1. is it possible toshare the link straight from my fanpage into the groups,using your tool?

  2. Hi,
    This is a very useful tool.
    But I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for me or I don’t understand how to use it.
    I have completed the authentication steps FB Android apps. My groups are listing, however when I post or schedule, the post is posted only to one group although I select around 17 groups. Can you help me? I have set the seconds as 1500.. Is this a problem?

    1. Hello Chung,

      Kindly re-authenticate the apps used for posting. The recommended apps are Facebook for Android/iPhone and HTC Sense.

  3. How do you add multiple different posts to one scheduled posting …
    I would like to select more that one post to go out at any one time …
    Does your App support random selection of different posts ? …

  4. Hai admin..can you add hours to day on auto schedule?example 1day 1hour or 1day 2hour until the next auto post..i

  5. Cuando publica en los grupos, junto con el texto, al final aparece una numeración… como esta… 5a2ba2e9ccdb3 en el post publicado
    ¿Cómo se puede evitar?

    1. El número aleatorio se genera porque ha habilitado la publicación ÚNICA.

      Para deshabilitar, vaya a Configuración> Configuración de publicación> Desmarcar publicación única

      Sin embargo, debes saber que al habilitarlo, se reducen las posibilidades de que Facebook marque tu contenido como spam.

  6. Syazwan

    I published a post to 4 groups with 10 minutes interval using ‘Send now’. Is there a way I can trace or see the activity log (after I refresh the page)?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no way to track posts published via SEND NOW option. And the action stops immediately you refresh or exit the page.

      SEND NOW log will be recorded in future updates.

  7. Krzysztof

    Witam. Mój post powiela się na każdej grupie co 2-3 minuty. Tzn ten sam post samoistnie publikuje się na kązdej grupie kilka razy (co 2-5-10 min). Co jest tego przyczyną? Wygląda to jak ostry spam. Nie chce kolejnego bana.

  8. Chico

    I create the whole post, I make all the settings, I select the groups I want to post, save the post, but when I return in the saved post all my group selections are gone, what to do?

  9. Karlton Hoskins

    I’ve created categories after scheduling all of my posts. When I try to edit the groups for posting, it changes the groups for all of the posts. How can I do this without cancelling all posts and starting from scratch, if at all possible. Thanks.

  10. Dear Madam/Sir,

    Currently one can schedule a post for a specific date and time.
    A function which allows for repeated posting would be great, e.g. schedule a post for a specific date and time, and repeat weekly.

  11. Allen Keven

    I have noticed that after the status is completed, it totally stop posting. How to make my schedule continue looping, like it will continue on the next day.

    1. Auto re-schedule was removed from the current version due to some bugs experienced. However, it’ll be returned in our next major update.

  12. ana

    El intervalo que pide en la publicación programada es para cada grupo? o es una programación tipo reeposting???

  13. hola tengo una duda,que intervalo de segundos me pueden recomendar para publicar en grupos¿

  14. if i schedule posts in one FB account, then i log off. can i go and log into a different FB account to do some work or whatever? thanx

    1. Hello, As long as you have authenticated an account properly, you need not need to be logged in to that account anymore (Except when you need to re-authenticate your apps).

  15. Vince

    Is there a way to post to groups that we belong to but are closed?

  16. May0820

    hi,my message not reply yet.

    i create my post there. the link i put is correct .
    but when post to the group.
    it display,but when i click .It cnt acess.

    it shows >>
    404: Page not found – the page does not exist.
    If you typed in or copied/pasted this URL, make sure you included all the characters, with no extra punctuation.
    hope can help to solve

    1. Hello, if you enable UNIQUE LINK option with a shortened URL. You’re likely to send traffic to a 404 page.

      Simply disable UNIQUE LINK from Settings > Publishing Settings.

  17. Hi, Have tried with all the Apps. twerked the unique code and link but still my Post doesn’t show the attached pictures after posting from autopilot. Pls assist

  18. May0820

    hi,create my post there. the link i put is correct .
    but when post to the group.
    it display,but when i click .It cnt acess.

    it shows >>
    404: Page not found – the page does not exist.
    If you typed in or copied/pasted this URL, make sure you included all the characters, with no extra punctuation.
    hope can help to solve it.

  19. Jeremy

    I was able to repeat my scheduled posts everyday by setting it on the Scheduled Posts tab and setting the “Repeat On” feature. I can’t seem to find that option now. How can we do this in Version 3? Thank you!

    1. Hello Jeremy, this feature was temporarily dropped in version 3 due to a major bug discovered prior to release. The function will return in the next major update.

  20. May0820

    HI ,for version now.Pilot Poster V3.
    After all i setting, i click save post and then click scheduled post.
    i set scheduled post.
    system write Please choose a group(s) to post in!.

    have to solve it?


  21. Não estou conseguindo enviar as postagens agendadas. Coloquei nas configurações o App HTC Sense. Selecionei os grupos. Quando chega no horário agendado não envia a mensagem agendada. Testei opção enviar agora e funcionou.

  22. farrukh

    hi there! i cannot see my groups,however i can see my pages but not the what should i do now..

  23. May0820

    Hi, i need help.
    im having this problem, when i do scheduled posts for example 5x groups, one post is posted 2 or 3 times at the same group, i don’t want to do scheduled because its dangerous if that happens. thanks

    and the post have number ,it should not appear at post there.

  24. Yong Lin

    Hi. I have just set up an account.

    But I didnt manage to post with Pilot Poster.

    It says posting completed. Yet, all the groups I have selected were highlighted in red.

    *I have already double check by clicking into the groups, I can confirm they were not posted.

  25. Dan

    Hello, I have a problem, until a few weeks ago I was programming a post and it worked perfectly, but now I only publish in 2 groups, and I have more than 50 selected. I would like to know how to solve this problem. Thank you

  26. Dexter

    I tried using scheduled post just now with the setting of 8 mins posting interval and schedule time at 9.25am. The first post was made at 9.25am according to the set schedule and second post was made at 9.33am following the schedule as well. However, the third and fourth post were made after 1 minute later at 9.34am. May I know what is the problem?

  27. Why does an uploaded image (from PC) uploaded into PilotPoster’s Media Library; creates its own link or unique link/URL… When creating a post I have filled in all sections including Link, in which the link or URL I typed in adds a FB ID and causes a 404 Page unavailable error? How do I fix this issue and how do I remove and or customize the link being created for the image uploaded?

  28. Dexter

    Do I need to leave my pc on to keep the auto posting running when using the “send now” button?

  29. Dexter

    I got this post status today : (#324) missing or invalid image file. I tried auto posting with another image before and it was working. Is this problem because of the image size?

  30. Mhar

    Thank u so much for your reply and advise. I appreciated it. But I need to change my internet browser to Mozilla Fox. Can I also post animated GIF images? Because here in my preview, inside Pilot Poster when I tried to send one, the animation is playing smoothly. But when I sent it to FB using Pilot Poster, it was no longer animating and was posted on a bigger scale. Can you plaea help me to resolve this issue again. Thank you so much!

  31. Mhar

    Hi! I have just joined Pilot Poster yesterday and it was working fine during my first post. But on the following day, which is today, I can not post automatically anymore and it was showing this message frequently:
    “Error validating access token: this may be because the user logged out or may be due to a system error.”
    Can you please advise me how to fix this problem? Do I need to log in to my FB account every time that I will going to post using Pilot Poster? Thank you so much!

    1. This happens when the access token of your app expires, and this is every 2 hours for the default app (Graph Explorer).

      To fix, authenticate HTC sense and set as default app because it has an access token that could last for weeks. See guide Here:

      1. Mhar

        Thank u so much for your reply and advise. I appreciated it. But I need to change my internet browser to Mozilla Fox. Can I also post animated GIF images? Because here in my preview, inside Pilot Poster when I tried to send one, the animation is playing smoothly. But when I sent it to FB using Pilot Poster, it was no longer animating and was posted on a bigger scale. Can you plaea help me to resolve this issue again. Thank you so much!

  32. chris

    Hello, im having this problem, when i do scheduled posts for example 7 groups, sometimes one post is posted 2 or 3 times at the same time in the same group, i don’t want to do scheduled because its dangerous if that happens. thanks

  33. Sarah Campbell

    I have just joined today. I am trying to post and I am getting this message

    Error validating access token: session has expired on saturday, 06-may-17 11:00:00 pdt. the current time is saturday, 06-may-17 12:56:20 pdt.

    I’ve followed all instructions too on second attempt

  34. what is the meaning of this “(#200) requires extended permission: publish actions Visit the node” is this a successful post?

  35. Stephan

    I have been trying this software since yesterday and although I managed to create groups, authenticate apps and schedule posts, when I check the posts in various groups, I am able to see the posts, however if I try and see the same posts with another facebook account that is a member of the same group the following message is being displayed

    “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment
    The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren’t in.
    Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Centre”

    At first I thought that I did not give rights to Instagram which is the app that I am using, however the App have all the rights to post and is posting as public.

    Can you kindly help to overcome this hurdle?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hello Stephan, that error message means

      i. The Facebook account is not part of the said Groups
      ii. Facebook does not permit the account to view the direct link of the post (Happens in rare cases).

      – Please ensure the Facebook account is a member of the group
      – Do not use the direct link to visit the post. Instead browse to the group and search for the post to confirm you can view.

      Thank you.

      1. Stephan

        Thanks for your reply.
        Everything seems to be working fine now.
        Well done for this great initiative.


  36. nicault

    When I post in closed groups it fails (I am a member of)
    I tested several Apps.
    Do you have a solution ?
    Thanks in advance

  37. Moho

    Hi, Can you please explain to me what is the interval between the server and my location? I just want to be clear about scheduling. Thanks 🙂

    1. Ensure you set your timezone to avoid time conflict with the server.

      To set, Goto Settings > Profile > Timezone

  38. fernando goes

    estou tendo um problema, toda vez que faço uma postagem, ao eu sair da pagina ou até mesmo fechar o navegador, as postagens param…
    Tenho que ficar com a janela aberta para ele funcionar ?

    1. Se você usar a opção ENVIAR AGORA, você deve deixar a página aberta.

      Use a opção SCHEDULE se desejar postar mesmo quando estiver offline.

  39. nicus

    hello, how to fix this: Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user has changed the password


    1. Hello, please re-authenticate the app used for posting or switch to another app. The recommended apps are iPhoto and HTC Sense.

  40. Barnabas Age

    I posted pn facebook using pilot poster, and when i click on my post it opens up a new page and what i see is post found, pls what is wrong?

    1. Hello,

      This issue could be as a result of you not logging in to the facebook account used to publish the post on Pilot Poster on your browser.

      So, log in to the Facebook account on another tab and try to view the posts again.

      Thank you.

  41. Shah

    Yesterday it was a successful to schedule the post in to my groups that i’ve joined. today when i’m trying to make a new schedule post and run it…an error occured.
    The message was “An unknown error occured”. what was am i doing it wrong?

  42. Shah

    Can the scheduling post running when the pc or we logout from it? Are the post still running?

    1. Pilot Poster

      You do NOT need to be online for your scheduled posts to run. All you need to do is set your schedule, and Pilot Poster will handle the rest.

      Thank you.

      1. Shah

        All right, thank you very much for fast response. I’m glad to hear that. BIG Applause for the TEAM for develop this kind of web based Auto Pilot poster.

  43. Floral Wolf Graphic Design Co.

    Hello there Pilot Poster!

    My images are not showing up when I post. I am using iPhoto & the app is set to public, all fields with “Photo” are checked, & the app is authenticated under my “Facebook Apps” here on pilot poster as well – am I missing something? Thank you!

  44. Andy

    I activated the iphoto app under friends instead of public and can’t go back to it. Can I reset or change it or does it matter?

    1. Pilot Poster


      1. Goto (while your facebook account is logged in)

      2. Search for iPhoto (at the top right)

      3. Click on the iPhoto app

      4. Change App visibility and post audience to Public and save.

      You must change to make your post visible to all group members.

  45. Carlos

    When i schedule a post, in status it appears 0/62, but i am member of like 200 groups, why my post wont publish in the other 138 groups?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, this could be because the other 138 groups are CLOSED groups and you have disabled closed groups from your settings.

      To display and post to all groups, Goto Settings > Posting Settings > Uncheck Show Open Groups Only.

      Thank you.

  46. Reid

    I joined some new groups but they’re not showing up on the home page in the list of groups. I would like to add them to a category. Why aren’t they showing up?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, go to settings > Facebook Accounts > Update Facebook Account

  47. Please Help

    The post is not adding the picture to my posts. The picture is shown in the preview, but when it posts in the groups, it is a blank image.

    1. Pilot Poster

      To fix this problem, you have two ways;

      1. Use another App to Post to Facebook groups, we strongly recommend iPhoto.

      2. Ensure the app you are using has permission to post images to facebook. To do this;
      – Go to
      – Search for the Pilot Poster app used for posting (e.g iPhoto)
      – Ensure the app is set to Public
      – Ensure all fields with Photo are checked. (You can use CTRL + F for quick search)

      Thank you.

  48. Hi i have problem posting the Ad. i did everything int he instructions. I have screen shots. but 1. my link didn’t show up properly 2. the image didn’t show up at all.

  49. Corey

    Hi Pilot Poster,
    First – Thanks for an amazing product you have here! Secondly, I am having errors trying to get a token for iPhone and for Samsung Mobile BADA. Nothing comes up for the token once I have entered the URL from authentication. I have tried this on Internet Explorer and Firefox. How can I fix this issue? Reason is because my posts keep timing out and I am trying to change my app as you suggested above to another user. Thanks!

  50. Don Avant

    Can’t add pics ( or maybe I just don’t know how LOL)…When I click add pic it takes me to the upload pics page…select one of the already uploaded pics and nothing happens…selected pic does not appear in the preview…Maybe i’m missing something..Certified Computer Dummy here…

    1. Don Avant

      Actually I just noticed that when I type in the name of one of my uploaded pics, a tiny square with a corner folded down appears in the
      grey pic area in the preview…Does this mean the pic is added?

      1. Pilot Poster

        Hello, this means your web browser isn’t displaying the preview properly. You can change your browser to see if this is fixed. The tiny square in most cases means that the image has been uploaded, so maybe you post to one of your groups and confirm if the image displays properly before posting to multiple groups.

  51. tiny

    Hi admin,

    Can we have more than one facebook account in pilot poster and add all the facebook group form the each facebook account in one pilot poster account


    1. Pilot Poster

      Yes. You can add multiple facebook accounts to your Pilot Poster account.

  52. I meant as of now we have to set scheduleing days manually,so it will be convenient if we have automatic system for setting up a full month.

    1. Pilot Poster

      Thank you for the suggestion. We have this feature on our to-do list, and will be included in future updates.

  53. Hi Pilot Poster,
    I would you to bring a Feature thats let users to set scheduling days at a one shot ! Like how it would be nice to set it for a whole month for posting automatically at a particular time?

  54. Hi Team,
    Why I am getting Invalid parameter error when posting into multiple groups. Thn I cant see my scheduled posts in groups also. Where I am going wrong? Guide me

  55. shiraz

    Can I close my browser even if the post is running in the Home page?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, if you are posting instantly, the posting will stop when you close your browser.

      If you want to keep your posting running, use post schedule.

  56. Pilot Team is it possible to schedule posts every day on AUTOPILOT? For example lets say you schedule it on Jan 1 and it will post on Jan 2nd the same set time?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Yes you can. All you need to do is Schedule the post for the days you want to. For example, Wednesday 21st, Next Wednesday 28th

  57. Fraser Dalgleish

    Hi where can I save a photo online to copy the link for posting to groups? Or can I create a post on my Facebook business page with photos and then grab the link for that and post that multiple groups instead? I have refurbished phones I’m trying to promote for sale on multiple facebook groups but need to supply more than just 1 image per post ideally

    P.s. Sorry for double post I forgot to tick email notification box. Please delete other one. Thanks 🙂

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, you can save photos on sites like,,

      You can also use the second option by posting to your facebook page first.

  58. Thank You Pilot Poster Team for creating this awesome FREE Auto Poster for Internet Marketers ! You deserve a Applause !

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, change the app you use for posting. We strongly recommend iPhoto for now because it’s token doesn’t expire.

      Simply send us the screenshot if the error persists.

  59. I am having issues with posting. It says:

    Error validating access token: Session has expired.

    Also, I cannot attach pictures.

    Please help so we can start posting.

  60. amin hafis

    got his error..why??

    (#200) Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer

    1. Pilot Poster

      The group you are posting to does not allow members to post.

  61. Leamoure

    what should i do why every time i post in group this message will appear “It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it.” there something wrong!!!! thank you

    1. Pilot Poster

      It means you are posting to too many groups daily. Our recommended daily limit per facebook account is 200 groups. If you post to between 250 – 300 groups, facebook might ban you for some days from posting to groups. So I’ll advice you don’t post with that particular account for the next 24hrs. To avoid facebook jail.

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