How to post safely and avoid Facebook Jail (Updated)

You must have heard about ‘Facebook Jail’, it means facebook suspending you from using facebook group or other services for some days, which could last between 1 hours to 21days. If ‘Facebook Police’ discover that you are posting same post content to multiple facebook pages and groups at an alarming speed, then you will be regarded as a SPAMMER and thrown into the Virtual Jail.

To prevent getting banned or suspended from posting to facebook group, we have created this article on what you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Post Time Intervals

The major factor that triggers the facebook jail police is when you post to facebook at an alarming rate. Either to your facebook wall, facebook page, facebook groups or even when you comment on posts. Your account comes under scrutiny when facebook discovers that you are not posting like a human but as a robot who have been programmed to post every 30 seconds.

Either you post manually or with a service such as Pilot Poster, as long as the time in between posts are very little, you are likely to be thrown into facebook jail.


Facebook post interval - facebook jail

Pilot Poster has made this a lot easier for you by providing flexible posting interval between 10 seconds to 25 minutes for instant posting and between 1 Minute to 90 hours for scheduled posts. However, we only recommend you to use the instant posting (Send Now) option when posting to very few groups between and 1-10. If you are posting to a large number of group, you are advised to used post schedule and do NOT use a posting time interval below 5 Minutes. 

It is recommended to use post time interval of 5 Minutes and above

This way the facebook jail police cannot flag your account because it is only normal for a human to be able to change facebook group and post in them within 5 minutes.

UPDATE: Using Pilot Poster Auto Pause Feature

facebook poster auto pause

Auto pause is the new Pilot Poster feature that stops your scheduled post for a set time and then resumes when the time elapses.

This feature will make your posting looks humanly enough and will definitely reduce the risk of getting flagged by Facebook.

To use this feature, you’ll see a new option below the post schedule screen. As shown in the image above.

The Auto pause after (Posts) is the number of posts pilot Poster will Publish before pausing the posting schedule and Auto resume after (Hours) is the number of Hours Pilot Poster will delay before it resumes posting again.

It is highly recommended to use this feature when posting to over Over 30 Groups. That way, you’ll be 99% sure of avoiding Facebook Jail.

2. Number of Groups to Post Daily Per Facebook Account

This is another important issue that gets many thrown into the facebook jail. Although facebook have no specific number of groups you can push posts to daily, it is only ideal that it flags any account that over does it. When you post to 500 groups daily with a single facebook account, it clearly shows that you are either SPAMMING or TROLLING. In the real world, it wouldn’t have been possible to manually post to over 500 groups in a single day wihtout the facebook police taking note of you.


Our recommended number of groups to post daily is 1-75 per facebook account.

To avoid the issue of facebook sending your account into jail, Pilot Poster have created different measures to protect you, and one of them is the ability to use multiple facebook accounts for a single Pilot Poster Account. This will enable you to switch in between the facebook account to get your post to a large number of audience and at the same time avoid facebook jail.

Although we have tested posting to over 120 groups per facebook account without getting flagged with the right posting time interval and unique url in place, we recommend 75 groups to Pilot Poster users because our goal is to never have a member in facebook jail for any reason relating to the use of our service.

3. Utilize Pilot Poster Posting Settings

Pilot Poster post settings - facebook jail

We have discussed this in our other article that teaches you how to prepare your account for your first, utilizing these settings the right way will help you prevent facebook jail.

Our main aim is to create a ban free system so we continue updating Pilot Poster to see that this aim is achievable. That is why we have added two additional option to enable you post unique articles to each of the facebook groups you post to.

First among these options is to enable Unique Post. This option if enabled adds a unique id to the posted message, this means that facebook spam rule number one of posting the same message multiple numbers of facebook groups has been beaten, this is because the every post will be seen as a new post.

The second option is Unique Link. This option add an id as a parameter to the post link you are sending. This way your post URL will not be seen as a spam link and will not be blacklisted by facebook jail police. However, this option is not advisable if you are using a URL shortener, this is because adding a parameter to a URL shortening service such as will prevent the URL pointing to the right destination.

Do not enable Unique Link with a shortened URL


4.  Always switch between Posting Apps

Pilot Poster have provided you with different applications for posting. It is highly recommended you switch between these applications to reduce the risk of being flagged as a spammer. This is one of the measures taken by us to ensure you post safely to multiple facebook groups and avoid facebook jail.

5. Change Photo and URL of a Re-Scheduled Post

If you are planning to run a marketing campaign on facebook groups, we recommend that after a few batches of a particular post, it is highly recommended you change the Image and if possible shorten (or re-shorten) the URL to give your post a new look. This will not only give your post more clicks but will also make it look fresh to the facebook spam detection system.

By now you should know that, facebook monitors all of your activities on it’s system, therefore it is now your responsibility to make your post as real as possible.

If you don’t know before now, facebook blacklists not just links, but also images. A blacklisted image will prevent your post from going through. If you use Pilot Poster and you get an error like the one in the picture below, then you should know that either the URL or image you use in your post message has been blacklisted. Changing post photo regularly will save you from such stress.

blacklisted image error

6. Switch Between Facebook Accounts

Switching between your facebook accounts on Pilot Poster for posting is a very good way to avoid facebook jail. When you post with different accounts, there is less burden on a particular account. And with this, you get your marketing campaign to reach more audience and same time you save yourself from getting flagged by facebook.

7. Other Factors that could get you into Facebook Jail

Below are some of the other factors that could make facebook ban your account from using facebook group and other related services;

i. Posting Nude Content:

Nudity is not not allowed on facebook and most other social media platforms. If you continue to post such content either on your profile wall, pages or groups, there is possibility that facebook will suspend you from using some of it’s services.

ii. Posting Provocative Content :

Posting content that promotes hatred, threat, racism and direct attacks on a group of people or individual could lead you to facebook jail as this is against the common social practice on any internet community. Spam or no spam, you’ll certainly be flagged if found to be promoting such content.

iii. Other Suspicious activities

Facebook police could throw you into the jail if it found you to be suspicious in your activities and/or you are being reported by other users on a regular basis.

We hope you have understood how you can stay safe on facebook and at the same time enjoy the marketing power of Pilot poster.

Drop your comment below if you have any question relating to facebook jail or any other issue concerning

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  1. Dear Madam/Sir,

    Started using Poster Pilot yesterday. Am very pleased.
    Nevertheless, I got blocked today by FB.

    I have created categories per language. So I schedule a post per language, e.g. I post an English message in 10 English groups and a Spanish message in 5 Spanish groups.
    I schedule the post for the English groups and the Spanish group independently, which works fine.

    However, preventing an overlap in posting time of the english and spanish message is a bit troublesome. I can manage to prevent this for the two languages, with some manual calculations. But I am not just posting in those two languages, but in various. Manual calculations become troublesome.

    It would be nice if Pilot Poster can calculate the posting time difference not just between one scheduled post but between various.

    I hope I have explained myself clearly.



  2. Alta Kruger

    My API app was not automatically activated when I signed up and added my Facebook account. I have managed to get the app for iPhone activated, but can’t get any of the others to be activated. Can you please help?

  3. Kelvin

    the system shortest time to post in between is 60 secs? also if i want to post with link what’s the safe post before stop to resting?

  4. Hi Guys!

    Sometimes when i put 5 minutes distance pilot poster posts the same post 2-3 times at the same time… What might be the problem?

  5. Trevo

    When I try to post I get this message and it will not post……..”#324 missing or invalid image file”
    Can you offer me a solution to this problem please…….Trevor

  6. jimms

    Thank you for the service….im wondering why is it free? how do you make money? 🙂

    1. Hello Jimms,

      Our means of generating revenue is through displayed ads and we intend introducing premium features soon.

      Thank you.

      1. Obinwanne

        Pleaseeeeee dear, I beg you in the name of God, I don’t wanna go PRO, secondly, being free attracts visitors to click on your Google ADs.

        1. Hello Obinwanne,

          Pilot Poster will always be Free to use. We’ll only be adding some features for the premium members, and it is going to be optional.

          Thank you.

  7. Dexter

    Hi. Is it possible to use two or more facebook accounts added in my pilot poster account to execute auto posting simultaneously?

  8. edward

    some times can post, but now I am not able to post using pilotposter. is there a solution?

  9. ryan

    I followed all of the instructions above and each time pilot poster posts, I have to confirm that it isnt spam. Is this normal or did I do it wrong? i cant afford for my page to be banned. Thanks.

    1. It happens sometimes, especially when you start using an auto-posting service like Pilotposter for the first time. This confirmation will disappear with time.

  10. I think there is something wrong with Facebook , I keep on getting group posts blocked two times in a row despite following Pilot Post rules.

      1. Oh really? That would be GOOD ! I got blocked twice with HTC Sense app not sure why. I was careful with posting also I suggest Pilot Poster to bring new features !

        1. It would be good if you allow users to set a month of scheduling in a one shot not by manually selecting each days with different timings. Of course we can have both 1 month + manually set features .i.e Dual Mode.

        2. Should be able to delete scheduling logs at one click, manual deleting one by one is little annoying.

  11. aarthi

    hi, thanks a lot for your service. here is some tips i would suggest for other users.
    1] Spread the load – spread the load of posting to different accounts, you can post to 1000 groups using 20 facebook accounts doing 50 posts per day spread over 15~24 hours your chances of banning get decreased drastically you only need one time effort of setting up facebook accounts and joining groups
    2] perform various activities from the accounts on regular basis – if you use a facebook account just to post links, sooner or later facebook will find that your account does nothing but post links which will likely result in a ban, so a like, a comment or a sticker, a small, but a different activity (other than group posting) will help you to mask your account activity from FB police radar.

    1. Hello Aarthi,

      Thank you for the suggestions. An update with Auto Comment on group posts will be released soon.

      We’ll add other suggestions to our Todo List.


  12. Konrad

    Hi, is it posiblle to share existing post from a fun page to a groups. Lets say i posted something on my page, and i want to share that to a group so that people can like the page at the end. Can i do it with pilotposter

    1. Hello Konrad,

      Yes you can share an existing post from your fan page. All you need to do is get the unique URL of the post and post it as a Link using Pilotposter.

      Thank you.

  13. An

    (#200) Permissions error: i cant do it manual .. but Pilot Poster dont

  14. erykind



  15. Walera

    (#200) Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer Visit the node

    1. #200 Insufficient permission is caused by one of the following;

      1. The group does not permit Members posting

      2. You did not set the right permission when authenticating your app. Goto, search for the app you are posting with (e.g iPhoto), ensure the permission is set to PUBLIC.

      3. Invalid token. Simply Authenticate other apps to fix.

      Thank you.

    1. Pilot Poster

      iPhoto and other apps can be found at Settings > Facebook Apps

      You can check HERE to read how to authenticate your apps.

  16. Harika


    My post shares are not reflecting on facebook post which i shared through Pilot poster.

    Please tell me a solution to fix this.

    1. Pilot Poster
  17. avivage

    I have about 60 groups on my account, however so far only 17 has been extracted by pilot poster. Is there anything I can do to get all my groups on my Pilot Poster account?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Goto Settings > Posting Settings > Ensure ‘Show Open Groups Only’ is not ticked.

  18. kenneth

    I did not read the procedures on posting to groups before commencing and as a result i posted wrongly and was blocked …….. how do i get unblocked since its my first time

    1. Pilot Poster

      Facebook will automatically unblock you at a set date. You can view this date by trying to post to a Facebook group.

  19. Emanuele

    i’m restricted to send message and sign up in groups for a week!
    i posted with post interval of 5 minutes, unique link and unique post checked
    100 groups posted in 24 hours

    where am i wrong?

  20. zahid afridi

    I am getting the following error on my several fb account
    An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later

    1. Pilot Poster

      Please change the app used for posting. The recommended app is iPhoto.

    1. Pilot Poster

      You don’t need Access token to set up post settings. From main menu goto Settings > Post Settings. To set your posting settings.

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