How to Fix Post Schedule Not Running

NOTE: We released a patch today (19th July, 2017) that resolved this issue. If you still experience schedule not runnng after trying the steps below, please contact support at [email protected] If you schedule a post and you discover that the schedule does not run, simply go through the four steps […]


Hurray!! The long awaited Pilot Poster v3 is finally here! Aside from fixing minor and major bugs like Double or Tripple Posting, it also comes with amazing features…. Check them out below: 1. Post Multiple Images Posting up to 6 Images in a single post is now possible with Pilot […]

How to Import All Facebook Groups on Pilotposter v3

Note: Use Google Chrome Browser ONLY! Facebook announced it’ll be deprecating Graph API 2.3 on the 10th of July, which it actually deprecated on the said date. The implication of this is that Pilot Poster can no longer fetch your groups automatically using Graph API. Fortunately, this came at a […]

How to Fix #200 Insufficient permission Error

This is one of the common errors on Pilot Poster and it is an error that has to do with permissions. Posting to Facebook groups require some permissions set by the user posting and the Facebook group admin. #200 Insufficient permission is caused by one of the following with solutions; […]

How to Edit a Saved Post

You can not use Pilot Poster Post Schedule function without saving your post after creating it. And sometimes, you might want to make some amendments or corrections to a previously published post before posting it to your groups again. Do you have a saved post and you would like to […]

How to fix Invalid Access Token Error

When you schedule a posts on Pilot Poster, in some rare cases, the scheduled posts might hit a hard rock on the way due to some reasons, and among the common reasons for a scheduled post to stop running is the ‘Invalid Access Token‘ error. How to Detect this Error Pilot Poster […]