How to Add an Image to a Post

One of the most important factors when running a post on social media platforms like Facebook is to use a catchy and engaging image when planning your post. A picture is said to be more than a thousand words, so it is always advisable to use an original, informative images […]

Fix Error Getting Access Token for Apps

We have written an article concerning How to Authenticate Apps for posting in a previous article. However, many are having the issues of getting access token when they click the ‘Get App Authenticate Link‘ button for some Apps. This article provides you an alternative method to get access tokens. When you […]


Why you need to Create Facebook Groups

There are many benefits of creating your own Facebook group. One benefit that starts immediately, but does take time to see the rewards, is: the more you interact on Facebook, the better you get at interacting with your group. These people come to your Facebook group to learn from you […]

How to Post to facebook Pages with Pilot Poster

With the launching of Pilot Poster 2.0 we have included the ability to post to facebook pages. Posting to your facebook pages and all the pages you have liked on facebook is almost the same as posting to facebook groups. To post to Facebook pages, simply follow the steps below. […]


More Apps added for Posting

Hurray! Pilot Poster have added more facebook apps for posting. These apps have tokens that does not expire. And we have removed apps with short token expiry time except Graph API. These new apps include; MobileBlog Samsung Mobile Bada Spotify (Updated) HTC Sense When posting with all of these apps, […]

How to post safely and avoid Facebook Jail (Updated)

You must have heard about ‘Facebook Jail’, it means facebook suspending you from using facebook group or other services for some days, which could last between 1 hours to 21days. If ‘Facebook Police’ discover that you are posting same post content to multiple facebook pages and groups at an alarming […]