What’s New in Version 4.5?

Pilot Poster 4.5 is here with awesome features. Check out some of the features below;

1. Number of Members in a Group

number of group memebers

One of the most requested features (after the last update) on Pilot Poster is the ability to see the number members in a particular group.

This will enable users to narrow down what group to post and filter out groups with a little number of members. This we have solved in version 4.5 as you can now see the number of members in each group.

2. Facebook Group Auto Joiner


Another major introduction in 4.5 is Facebook Group Auto Joiner, this will let you join groups on autopilot directly from Pilot Poster.

You can join same groups for multiple Facebook accounts. Also, you can now export all groups from one account and import to join from another account.

3. Auto Repeat For Comment Bumping


Version 4.5 comes with an improved Auto comment features with the ability to repeat and pause comments.

See Full Feature List Below;

  1. View number of group members
  2. Facebook Auto Group Joiner
  3. Improved Comment Feature
  4. Improved schedule function
  5. Export All Facebook groups
  6. Improved Insight
  7. Minor Bug Fixes


  1. alx

    re:Auto Comment

    can you give details on the ‘settings’ and what each means? need clarification on
    what “Delay (minutes)”, “pause after” and “Resume after”

    does delay mean after each single comment per each group? does pause mean the
    amount of minutes after the last comment made (for each individual group)?
    do you mean “resume” as being after all comments (set of comments) have been
    sent out (one cycle)?


    1. Hello Alx,

      1. Delay – Interval between each comment (Just like when you schedule posts)
      2. Pause – Wait after sending out number of comments (example, Pause after 10 comments)
      3. Resume – Resume the pause in number 2 after waiting for 2 hours

      We’ll release a detailed tutorial soon.

      For now, I hope you understand my brief explanation.

      Thank you.

  2. Sabastine Ugwu

    Wow that’s excellent, keep it up, I’m very impressed!?
    But please, in the next version, please include 1, Auto leave or delete groups
    2, The ability to identify previously left or deleted groups when conducting new auto join search.
    3, Auto unlike function or the ability to also visit page or group from the unsuccessful post details so that users can be able to unlike or to unjoined their account from those useless group and pages that has nothing to offer rather to lead account to Gail with their ?negative reports.?
    But still, I still wondering why posting to fb pages are now like a hurtcake.. Very very annoying, please what will be the way out? We’re loosing huge millions of prospects from there, any solution in future?
    Thank u very much for the so far effort, it’s not easy ?

      1. Sabastine Ugwu

        Please what do we regard as CSV? the full meaning and how to use it Sir. Thanks

  3. Salve mi sono iscritto da poco al vostro servizio ,so che la richiesta è stupida ,ma avete pensato anche a chi non conosce l’inglese? hihihihih c’è modo di cambiare la lingua in italiano?

    1. Ciao, il sistema ha attualmente 13 lingue. Purtroppo, non abbiamo ancora la traduzione in italiano.

      Le traduzioni sono fatte da volontari e non abbiamo ancora ricevuto richiesta da un traduttore italiano.


  4. alx

    for some reason after i configure Auto Comment to run, it will not save. “unable to save” error keeps showing up. i set time, selected FB accts. to use. set start and end, still won’t save.

    1. Sabastine Ugwu

      Same here! I tried saving my auto comment scheduling on several adjustment but same error keeps on displaying.
      And secondly..
      Even when leave it on “ONCE” then I tried saving it, the system shows “you can’t leave the start and end date empty!
      I suggest when it’s set to “ONCE, there shouldn’t be need for the “End date and time.
      And I also noticed from the previous auto comment version that, for the selected accounts to be able to comment, the account have to belong to the same group as one of the group joined member, I don’t know if I’m sure.. Because it seems like facebook has limit post from a group within the members alone.
      Is that true?

      1. Hello, the issue is now fixed. Kindly check.

        You cannot comment in groups that you’re not a member of.

        All accounts must be members of the groups you’re scheduling comments.

  5. Heelo Pilot Post!
    I ve tried many time to import groups using Facebook Group Auto Joiner using csv file and it loaded well, But when i check into schedule menu, i still seen them pending for many hours. How can it get them to my group list. Why is nt work automaticaly? Plz help

  6. hi it would be wonderful if we users were given full video tutorials of the latest updated functions in the pilot poster app.

  7. It would really help if you could give us users video tutorials of the latest updates to the Pilotposter app.

  8. scotty

    Where is the auto comment at? I cant seem to find it.

  9. jason

    so do we download anything ? having the spam download buttons is confusing

  10. Hi Pilot poster Admin

    Should there be an option to post random status with image, but every random status is binded to certain image

    I read about this example :

    {My status1 | My status2 | My status3}

    Image Link :
    {http://link-image-1|http://link-image-2 | http://link-image-3}

    is it possible to have my status 1 posted today along with link image 1, my status 3 posted tomorrow along with image link 3, and my status 2 posted after tomorrow along with link image 3 ?

    Thank you in advance

      1. Sabastine Ugwu

        Please, tell us more about spintax, we have no idea yet concerning spintax.

  11. olá…como faço para fazer minha imagem aparecer na publicação, eu faço tudo certinho só que ao lado na postagem a imagem não aparece…alguém pra ajudar??? abraço

  12. Ola, tem como fazer com que mude o texto do post a cada tantas postagens? Pergunto isso pq tenho notado que o facebook bloqueia se a postagem repetir muitas vezes com o mesmo conteudo

  13. Sabastine Ugwu

    What happens when a group that the account is already joined to is repeated in the new auto join group request list?
    Will it skip it?

  14. Hein

    Hi Pilot poster Admin.

    Can you please help me I cannot attached images to my adds. It says that its not part of my account. please advise me on how to get it fixed and step by step?

    Kind regards

  15. cuando lo programo al face inmediamente el face me piede cambiar clave y no era asi antes que paso’??

    1. Hola, puede cargar videos en su sitio web o en los sitios web de alojamiento de videos y copiar la URL en el campo de URL de video de Pilot Poster.

  16. ana

    hola, tengo un único problema desde hace días y es que no puedo subir fotos o modificarlas.

    Cuándo va a funcionar ??

  17. Goodmorning Admins. Im getting an error with auto group joiner ” Error: (#4002) The attempt to invite the user to the group failed.”

  18. Olá, gostaria de saber, se eu tenho obrigatoriamente estar logado no meu Facebook e ao mesmo tempo no pilot poster para que as postagens sejam postadas? Ou posso sair de ambos e as postagens vão continuar sendo postadas mesmo eu não estando logado no Facebook e no pilot poster?

    1. Você não precisa estar logado no Facebook para usar o Poster Piloto, exceto quando você está autenticando um aplicativo como o sentido HTC.

      Além disso, você pode sair do Pilot Poster se você usar a função de esquema.

  19. Shiri

    guys im getting blocked by facebook on my first post attempt.
    im using the iPhone and Android app API
    I updated all accounts, even deleted and re-added but i keep getting fb jail 🙁

    can you somehow help?

  20. Buenas cuando pongo el tiempo entre publicacion siempre tarda mas de lo que pongo ejemplo si pongo 3 minutos entre publicacion, la herramienta lo hace 10 minutos despues en vez de 3

    1. Esto se debe a que hemos establecido una medida de seguridad que incluye un intervalo aleatorio. Esto también ha reducido significativamente la prohibición de Facebook.

  21. Albin Pérez Gómez

    como hago aqui pa agregar los grupos a la categoria y pa configurar cuando empieza a publicar ,cuando parar cada cuantos grupos

    1. Hola, no se puede agregar nuevos grupos a una publicación ya publicada.

      Debe detener el proceso de publicación y agregar los grupos antes de volver a publicar.


  22. Hi Admins
    is there any way to post several links or posts during one schedule posts “one campaign” , so one FB account switch between links or post and don’t post same post or link and get blocked ?

  23. Amy

    Hello there, the only reason I joined was bc I thought I’d be able to post in multiple fb groups at once, or at least schedule it for later, that’s what I was hoping for, thanks

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