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Post on Multiple Facebook Groups even while you Sleep

Pilot Poster is a FREE tool for posting to all your facebook groups automatically with ease. We offer you the free way to pull traffic to your website, blog or affiliate links.

About Pilot Poster

Pilot Poster is a facebook group auto poster designed to help you minimize the cost and save you a whole lot of time in engaging your target audience on facebook. We know how stressfull, time consuming and expensive it is to manage your social media profiles. With Pilot Poster, it's a breeze!

Drive Unlimited Facebook Traffic

Driving traffic to your website/blog could be expensive, especially when you are in a competitive niche. With Pilot Poster, you can post to multiple Facebook groups and gain whole lot of FREE traffic.

100% FREE Support

Pilot Poster is not just free but we also offer absolute free support to you. We want to help you grow! Take your social media marketting to another level with PP. All you need to do is plan your post, schedule and relax.

Post to Hundreds of Facebook Groups at Once

You can post to multiple Facebook Groups at once with Pilot Poster. All you need to do is compose your post, set intervals, select your groups and POST. We'll take over from there.

With PP Autoposter, you can not only post to groups you own or manage, it let you post to all groups you are a member. To post to any Facebook group, all you need to do is to join such group.

Pilot poster is the first auto poster that let you Post Products to Facebook Sales groups. So if you have products to market on Facebook, you do not need to run an expensive Facebook campaign, all you need is a Pilot Poster account and run your campaign for absolutely FREE!

  • Multiple Facebook Accounts allowed
  • Sort Groups by Categories
  • Facebook ban free system with unique id's attched to posts.
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Post to Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages

Pilot is not just a Facebook Group Auto Poster, but also an auto Poster for Facebook Pages. You can schedule posts to unlimited number of Facebook pages that you own without having to spend a dime on expensive tools. This is the perfect tool for Facebook marketers and social media managers.

That is not all, you can also post to hundreds of Pages that you've liked. So you are not limited to pages you own alone, you can take advantage of active and busy pages to showcase what you've got to offer. Efficient and always Free.

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Separate Your Groups by Categories

You might not achieve the right result by presenting a good post to the wrong audience. We have made this a lot easier with Pilot Poster Group Category. By categorizing groups, you can post the right article to the right facebook audience.

So you have to worry less about group admins approving your post because with the right post, they'll be forced to :D. So sign up now and start posting!

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Are You Scared of Ban? We got you Covered!

No one likes being spammed, same applies to facebook. The facebook spam detector bans accounts that violates it's pre-set rules. We understand the major part of this rule and that is why we have design Pilot Poster with so much features to avoid you being ban. And they include;

  • Option to add unique id's to every post.
  • Option to add unique id's to shared URLs
  • Multiple facebook accounts option for account switch
  • Verified Facebook Apps are used for posting.
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Save and Schedule Posts

You can schedule unlimited number of posts to be posted at different times to different facebook groups. You can also save posts as draft that can be posted later or save a posted post to be reposted at a later time.

In addition, Pilot Poster offers you Post Status for your Scheduled posts to determine which was successful and which failed with reasons attached. Our system is a complete post management system.

Set Posts on Auto Repeat

Pilot Poster let you set place your post on complete automation. You can publish a post now and let same post run every day, week, or month. This will let you focus on other aspects of your business and we handle the Facebook posting for you.

So if you run a restaurant and there's a dessert you always prepare every weekend, you do not have to post on your Facebook page every fridays to remind your followers of this special dessert, all you need to do is set draft your post perfectly, schedule it and let it run every Fridays. In addition, you can use our SPINTAX function to change the wordings in your post automatically.

Post Insights and Statistics

Get real time statistics on every post you publish to Facebook. Pilot Poster insight show you how Facebook users have engaged with your post by providing you the number of Likes, Comments, and Clicks on each post you send to groups and pages.

Therefore, you do not have to go through every post to know how it had engaged, instead you get all data on a single dashboard as they happen.

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Simple Facebook Auto Poster

Pilot Poster does not require you to download a Facebook Auto poster software, all your posting activities run on the cloud. So you do not need to leave your computer running to use this simple facebook auto poster. Simply schedule your post, log off your computer and your posts will keep running.

It couldn't have been simpler, this auto poster tool is user friendly with a smooth and friendly design. You do not need to be tech savvy to use Pilot Poster. And it is completely Free!

FREE Unlimited Support

Unable to set up your Pilot Poster account or any other related issue? We have provided two absolutely free support methods, head on to our Online Support Portal or feel free to mail us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilot Poster Facebook group auto poster is absolutely FREE to use for everyone. All features are available to single users for absolutely free for life.
All your facebook groups are automatically imported once you add a facebook account. Adding a facebook account takes less than 5 minutes. See how to add a facebook account to your Pilot Poster Account Here.
YES. Our main aim is for you to be able to engage members of your facebook groups. With Pilot Poster, you can sort your facebook groups by category so that you can auto post relevevant content to each group category. This way, you are sure of maximizing the potentials of every facebook group. Read how to Create and add facebook groups to category here.
Pilot Poster is designed to protect you from getting banned unlike other facebook group auto posters. We also have additional measures in place to prevent you from getting banned, this include an option to set friendly posting time intervals, option to add unique id to every post and links, option to swicth facbook accounts. This way, you'll be safe from facebook ban.
However, abusive use such as posting to so many groups with time intervals of less than 30 seconds could result in facebook ban. To be safe, we recommend auto posting time interval between 2-5 minutes. See How to Post Safely with Pilot Poster and avoid Facebook Jail.
Free users can only add one Facebook account and use for free unlimitedly. To add more than one account, you might need to upgrade to one of our Premium plans starting from $10/month only.
You CAN post to all the facebook groups you've joined with your facbook account. However, facebook groups have different permission levels, OPEN and CLOSED.
Posting to OPEN groups does NOT require approval from the group admin for the post to display on the group wall. While CLOSED groups need the group admin approval for you post to display to the wall.
You can activate the option to display only the OPEN groups in your Pilot Poste account so your posts goes to groups with OPEN permission only. See How to Prepare your account for your first post
NO. You do not need to create a facebook app to use our facebook poster. We have pre-defined apps and our apps are always updated and new apps are added to the systems to ensure freshness. All that is required from you is to authenticate this apps with each of your facebook accounts for posting. Here is how to authenticate apps for auto posting.
Pilot Poster automatically post all scheduled posts at their set time even when the user is offline. The aim of this facebook auto poster is to save you time and cost, and with the schedule post function, you can focus your time and energy on other things and let Pilot Poster do the facebook group auto posting for you.
There is NO LIMIT to how many posts you can schedule.
You have to set you Timezone under Posting Settings. Here is a guide
Pilot Poster is free because we understand the difficulties upcoming marketers encounter with expensive social media marketing campaigns. We generate our revenue from Premium subscriptions and Displayed advertisements (On our website ONLY).