How to Fix Post Schedule Not Running

NOTE: We released a patch today (19th July, 2017) that resolved this issue. If you still experience schedule not runnng after trying the steps below, please contact support at [email protected]

If you schedule a post and you discover that the schedule does not run, simply go through the four steps below to fix;

1. Ensure your Timezone is set correctly

2. Delete the Scheduled post

3. Use only Facebook For iPhone App OR HTC Sense App for Schedules

4. If you use any of the apps in step 3, simply re-authenticate and Try again


How to Authenticate Facebook For iPhone

How to Authenticate HTC Sense App

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  1. Fiz todo o processo e não funcionou, antes funcionava muito bem, agora está com esse problema na versão V3.

  2. hola, ya realice los pasos pero solo publica en el primer grupo, de ahí no pasa nada, en el registro no aparece como enviado

      1. elimine la cuenta y la agregue desde cero, active las apps pero sigue sin enviar, el campo de próxima publicación no cambia

  3. fredfoo

    hi i reset the time zone many times but schedule was not running too, the problem start from last night only, is this the system bugs?

      1. Azzhar

        my issue same here. My scheduled post not running too although tries as above and also delete my fb account and re-add. I have reported last week and your staff said will email me on update but none as today. My ID: kay9009. Pls help

  4. kennywong

    agree with jorge amaral, i very love your service pilot poster, if in future have premium i will pay for it and upgrade for it, wish in this few days you can fix the problem of it, i search alot and use alot autopost, the best and recommend for me only yours only, wish your technician can solve the little bugs it as soon as possible.
    #thank you pilotposter save my world

  5. Darrell

    Hi, I too am having the same problem, and have tried your suggestions.

  6. ana

    No se puede publicar absolutamente nada, tengo todo configurado correctamente y las publicaciones programadas nunca se publican. tuve que volver a generar todas las publicaciones, darme básicamente de Alta nuevamente porque inicialmente decían que había como perdido mi cuenta, he realizado todo lo que mencionan en el soporte y sigue sin funcionas las publicaciones PROGRAMADAS

  7. K

    Scheduled post doesn’t work 🙂 how to fix this,I already followed all of the possible fix, but still the same. THanks pilot poster

  8. mehoub

    i tried all the things but scheduling is not workings thanks

  9. Frank

    I’m still having a problem with posting schedule. It doesn’t run.

  10. postagem agendada não funciona por gentileza como arrumar já segui todos os passos

  11. Hello,
    I’ve made 3 Scheduled Posts with Post interval 1 min Schedule post Start = Current server time for a total of 45 groups. In one hour I have in Logs only 5 post 13:01, 13:09, 13:16, 13:30, 14:01. What is the rule for sending and why is taking so long ?

    1. Hello Marius, we’re having some issues with our scheduling system which we’re currently working to fix.

      Everything should run fine in few hours.

      Thank you.

      1. Andy garza

        I’m having the same issue, I deleted the post a rescheudle again and the problem stills…


        1. Hello, we’re having issues with the scheduling system and the team is currently working to have it fixed. Thank you

  12. wan

    Hello there..
    Does schedule post already fix? Mine still unable to run schedule post..
    Anyone of u guys can?

    1. Hello Wan,

      Issues with schedule have been completely fixed. If you still face issue scheduling, kindly confirm your timezone settings from Settings > General Settings.

      And if that doesn’t fix it, you can reach us at [email protected] so we can look into your account.

      Best regards.

  13. Emanuele

    hi, after 5 days posting I received this error for same post (with app HTC sense);

    “Unsupported post request. Object with ID ‘609674235766129’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at
    Error Code : 100″

    what is wrong?

  14. Baby cl

    Hi. Scheduled post does not work. The 2nd time i tried it only posted in 1 group. I deleted it and used facebook for iphone app. The 3rd attempt using facebook for iphone is not running. Please help me fix it.

  15. njmnjm1

    what is your sever time i have problem in scheduled post not running
    plz help

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