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PilotPoster allows you to auto post to Facebook groups and pages automatically without having to post them manually and wasting your precious time. Get incredible results by auto marketing on Facebook!

You're in a good company.

PilotPoster Facebook Auto Poster

Your perfect partner to achieve your marketing goals.

No need to work day and night to market your business/products, let PilotPoster do it all for you.

About PilotPoster
PilotPoster is a Facebook group auto poster designed to help you minimize the cost and save you a whole lot of time in engaging your target audience on Facebook. We know how stressful, time consuming and expensive it is to manage your social media profiles. With PilotPoster, it's a breeze!
Drive Unlimited Facebook Traffic
If you are a web developer or blogger, driving traffic to your website/blog could be expensive, especially when you are in a competitive niche. With PilotPoster, you can post to multiple Facebook groups and gain whole lot of FREE traffic.
100% FREE Support Anytime
PilotPoster is not just easy to use but we also offer absolute free support to you. We want to help you grow! Take your social media marketing to another level with PilotPoster. All you need to do is plan your post, schedule and relax. Email us anytime for any help!
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Check below the most advanced features

Post to All Groups
Post to all your Facebook groups, including your joined Facebook groups.
Auto Join Groups
PilotPoster bot can automatically join groups for you based on keywords.
Auto Repeat Posts
Set your posts to automatically repeat at your selected times.
Schedule Posts to Groups
Schedule your posts to be posted on groups anytime you like.
Save Post Captions
Save your post captions on PilotPoster dashboard.
Posting Reports
See your scheduled and post now posting reports.
Easy to use
Multiple Facebook accounts
Live Post Previews
"Safe from ban" system
Powerful post editor
Facebook Auto Like & Comment
Incredible support

Facebook Group Poster - That actually post to joined FB groups

PilotPoster is the only software that works for auto posting to your joined FB groups.

You can set auto delay between each posts so all your posts don't happen at once but at regular intervals so your account doesn't get limited from posting!

PilotPoster is the smartest Facebook group posting tool that can post to your owned groups and also all groups you are a member of!

Facebook Group Poster Logs
Facebook group posting

Facebook Poster That Works.

Reach thousands of potential customers on Facebook with just a click!

It's never been this easy to market your products on Facebook. Just enter your message, select the groups you want to post to and HIT SEND!

PilotPoster Facebook Automation
Unlimited Possibilities

Give your business a boost by letting PilotPoster post to Facebook groups, pages, and profiles automatically and strategically for you, 24/7. Even auto post to your Joined Facebook Groups!

Auto post to Facebook safely

Facebook Bot Safety & Account Security

PilotPoster emulates android and iOS device to do activities on Facebook to keep your account fully secure and risk-free.

We also understand the major part of Facebook spam filter and that is why we have designed PilotPoster with so many features to avoid your account from getting blocked from posting. And they include;

Fully ban-free system
Option to add unique id's to every post.
Option to add unique id's to shared URLs
Multiple Facebook accounts option for account switch
Verified Facebook Apps are used for posting.

Automatically Join Facebook Groups

Don't want to join Facebook groups manually? PilotPoster can take care of that for you too.

Just enter your keyword to PilotPoster Facebook group auto joiner and it will start joining groups one by one for you on autopilot.

Auto Join Facebook Groups
Facebook Image, link, video posting

Post & Schedule Images, Videos, Links

You can also use Spintax in all content types including images and videos to have different set of images, video posted to different groups.

Not only simple messages, you can also auto post images, videos and links to multiple Facebook Groups and Pages. Along with that, you can post item for sale in buy/sell groups where you can include your product, pricing information.

Facebook Auto Comment & Auto Liker

Auto comment on your previously posted posts on Facebook groups to bump your posts on Facebook groups.

With this, you do not need to make postings again, you can just use auto comment function. With Facebook Auto Liker option, you can set PilotPoster to automatically like posts on Facebook groups.

Facebook Auto Liker & Auto Commenter
Post to Multiple Facebook Pages

Posting to your Liked Pages on Facebook

PilotPoster is not just a Facebook Group Auto Poster, but also an auto Poster for Facebook Pages.

You can schedule posts to an unlimited number of Facebook pages that you own and also the pages you've liked without having to spend a dime on expensive tools. This is the perfect tool for Facebook marketers, social media managers and anyone wanting to market their business on Facebook.

Facebook Group Categories

By categorizing groups, you can post the right article to the right Facebook audience.

You might not achieve the right result by presenting a good post to the wrong audience. We have made this a lot easier with PilotPoster Group Category. So you have to worry less about group admins approving your post because, with the right post, they'll be forced to.

PilotPoster - Target Facebook Groups
Auto repeat post on Facebook

Auto Repeat Your Posts on Facebook Groups & Pages

You can publish a post now and let same post run every day, week, or month. This will let you focus on other aspects of your business and we handle the Facebook posting for you.

So if you run a restaurant and there's a dessert you prepare every weekend, you do not have to manually post on your Facebook page or your local area Facebook group every fridays to remind your followers of this special dessert. All you need to do is schedule your post to auto repeat every friday and it will post automatcially every fridays.

Posting on Autopilot

PilotPoster Facebook Auto Poster software runs on Cloud, so you do not need to keep your computer running to auto post to Facebook.

Simply schedule your post, log off your computer and your posts will keep posting to Facebook groups, pages and multiple profiles while you work on more important things. It couldn't have been simpler, this auto poster tool is user friendly with a smooth and friendly design. You do not need to be tech savvy to use PilotPoster. And it is completely safe!

Facebook Group Auto Poster

Facebook groups are now much more powerful.

According to a report by Facebook, Facebook groups are now one of the most used feature of Facebook and provides much more exposure and engagement.

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month.
Facebook prioritizes groups more than anything else on the newsfeed.

Most Loved Facebook Bot

Real customer reviews from our real users.

Pilot Poster helps me post to Facebook groups and also manage my pages for multiple accounts, all from one dashboard. That at this price is perfect for me.

Andrew Richardson
Highland Appliances

This is really helpful for my business! I am able to find real estate buyers from groups quite easily. Getting prospects is very easy with this, only thing I have to do is sell well. I genuinely love PilotPoster.

Jake Boyer
Mortgage Lending NMLS

It’s freaking amazing! I’m sorry I had trouble initially understanding the process, I’m not that good with computers! It’s working like magic now, thank you!

Edgar Worthington
Owner, Locost Accessories

The app has changed my business ten fold in just a short amount of time, that too with too little effort. I would advise everyone to give it a try once, it might be worth it for your business.

Catherine Williams
Tour Guide, Kash n’ Karry

PilotPoster makes it easy for me to reach a large number of people easily and effectively from time to time. The pricing is unbelievable.

Buck Goddard
Marketing Manager, Crown Books

Finally found the app that works for posting to joined Facebook groups. The desktop app for generating token is genius!

Tom McKenzie
National Auto Parts


Answering your common questions

Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

To make this service working for our serious customer and businesses and prevent abuse, we do not offer trials for the service. 

It takes too much resources to make the service working for each user, so once someone starts using it, we have to spend money and it's not possible to spend money for trial users. 

All your facebook groups are automatically imported once you add a facebook account. Adding a facebook account takes less than 5 minutes. See how to add a facebook account to your Pilot Poster Account Here.

Pilot Poster is designed to protect you from getting banned unlike other facebook group auto posters. We also have additional measures in place to prevent you from getting banned, this include an option to set friendly posting time intervals, option to add unique id to every post and links, option to swicth facbook accounts. This way, you'll be safe from facebook ban.

However, abusive use such as posting to so many groups with time intervals of less than 30 seconds could result in facebook ban. To be safe, we recommend auto posting time interval between 2-5 minutes.

See How to Post Safely with Pilot Poster and avoid Facebook Jail.


YES. Our main aim is for you to be able to engage members of your facebook groups. With Pilot Poster, you can sort your facebook groups by category so that you can auto post relevant content to each group category. This way, you are sure of maximizing the potentials of every facebook group.

Read how to Create and add facebook groups to category here.

Yes, you can use Pilot Poster with more than 1 Facebook accounts, but you have to purchase plan according to how many accounts you need to use it with.

Yes! You don't need to be admin. You CAN post to all the facebook groups you've joined with your Facebook account. See How to Prepare your account for your first post.
PilotPoster automatically post all scheduled posts at their set time even when the user is offline. The aim of this facebook auto poster is to save you time and cost, and with the schedule post function, you can focus your time and energy on other things and let Pilot Poster do the facebook group auto posting for you.
There is NO LIMIT to how many posts you can schedule.
You have to set you Timezone under Posting Settings. Here is a guide on how to do that.
Yes! Not only we provide support for PilotPoster, but we can also give you suggestions on how to make professional Facebook posts and stories, we can also provide you premium files to make amazing Facebook post and story images!

Get started with Facebook Automation today.

PilotPoster is affordable, easy to use, and effective. Start using it today and see incredible results.

Facebook automation tool
PilotPoster is the only tool that allows auto posting to groups (including joined groups!)
There is simply no other app anymore that can do this.
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