How to Authenticate HTC Sense and Set as Default App

HTC Sense App is back and in this short article, we’ll be guiding you on how to authenticate it.

NOTE: You MUST use Mozilla Firefox browser to Authenticate this app

Updated Video Guide (September, 2017)

  1. Click the Authenticate the App Button


2. Set the App Permission to PUBLIC



3. COPY the URL of this page (Ignore the Error)

4. Paste the URL in the Authentication Box


5. Set Access Token and you have successfully authenticates HTC Sense.



  1. Goto Settings > Posting Settings > Facebook App
  2. Click on the Drop-down and Select HTC Sense
  3. Save.


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  1. Fernando

    What is the advantage in using this app, or any other rather than each other app?

    I thought spotify’s token doesn’t expire, but I have problems with some accounts stop posting due invalid token access. When I see their settings, spotify was not authenticate anymore.

    So, may I keep more than one account working concurrently ?

    1. HTC Sense has a token that doesn’t expire and it can post to CLOSED Groups. While spotify app can’t post to CLOSED groups.

  2. Carla

    When I first tried to authenicate, I used Chrome but it wouldn’t authenicate. Now when I try through Firefox it says the app has been authenicated instead of asking me to change the privacy setting. But the icon in Pilot Poster still won’t change to show I have authenicated. How do I get it to reset so I can authenicate it correctly through Firefox?

  3. Lydia

    Since I used the HTC settings to 12 min posting 25 groups 2 hours pause and then again posting 25 groups 12 min apart 3 of my facebooks where disable. Luckily got 2 back one not
    Why is this?

    1. We’re working to improve HTC Sense because Facebook is getting even more strict. And a better app will be added in days to come.

      However, your case is unusual as your posting settings are very OK and shouldn’t be flagged. Please send the screenshot of your Log Page to [email protected]

  4. Catrina Courtenay

    How can I authenticate the HTC Sense app to multiple facebook accounts? I’ve setup my default FB account, but my other two only seem to want to authenticate the Graph API Explorer app.

  5. Samantha

    Trying to get everything set up and I’m trying to authenticate HTC Sense. I went to Foxfire since I usually use Chrome and I get a message saying uses an invalid security certificate. and the only way I can access your site is to override the security measures. That doesn’t instill confidence with your site.

    1. Hello Samantha,

      1. You cannot authenticate HTC Sense using Chrome. The supported browser is Mozilla Firefox.

      2. Our website’s security certificate seems to work just fine, sometimes it’s browser related. We’ll be glad if you can share the screenshot of the error with us at [email protected].

      Thank you.

      1. Samantha

        I restarted my computer and can now bring up the website through Firefox… will let you know if I have any problems.

  6. Marusor

    Great article, I have 1 problem, When trying to authenticate the HTC sense in Mozilla, I don’t get any error message it just doesn’t show HTC sense as being authenticate and the option to authenticate it is still available and clickable. I tried it 3-4 times and it doesn’t save HTS sense as being authenticated. Please let me know

  7. ihsan

    can we made another account for mozilla or we can login it with same account for change app to htc in another facebook account

    1. Hello, you don’t need to create another account. You can add multiple Facebook accounts to a single Pilotposter account, and schedule post simultaneously on all the Facebook accounts.

      1. okay let’s see if i understand this, are you saying that as long as i “schedule”a post i can run multiple FB accounts… simultaneously? or can i run them just as long as the FB accounts are not scheduled at the same time schedule (or so they DO NOT overlap in scheduled times of each other?) let me know. thanx, alx

        1. Posting with Multiple Facebook accounts do not overlap. And they can run simultaneously without any problem, as long as each is withing the safe posting limit. Each Facebook account is treated separately regardless of the PilotPoster account it posts from.

        2. Posting with Multiple Facebook accounts do not overlap. And they can run simultaneously without any problem, as long as each is within the safe posting limit. Each Facebook account is treated separately regardless of the PilotPoster account it posts from.

  8. I have received the: Facebook account has been saved/updated successfully. however I do not have any token options, and my posts keep coming back with a time error. Ugh…

  9. Hi,

    I have successfully authenticated the HTC Sense app and was using it to autopost with a schedule to 100 groups.

    I tried the set up for the iPhoto, but it did not pop up as iPhoto on my computer, just authenticated it as Graph API Explorer.

    Anways, in posting as HTC Sense with scheduled post to 100 groups, it is posting to each group 4 times in a row the same post, 1 minute in between each post, before moving on to post to the next group. Please let me know what to do to fix this!

    Even if I have to post as API Graph Explorer or some other app, I don’t care, I just want it to post properly to the schedule.

    By the way, my settings before posting with HTC Sense were:

    Checkmark on for Show Open Groups only
    Checkmark on for Unique Post
    Checkmark on for Unique Link

    Post interval 790 Sec

    Facebook app HTC Sense

    When I scheduled the post, I saved the post first, then I set the posts to 8 minute intervals for 30 groups, pause for 1 hour before re-posting to next 30 groups.

    Thank you for help!

  10. Good afternoon. Does the service work now? I can not connect the application, says that the link is not secure and there is no authorization. Should I look for a reason or service is not working now?

  11. so if i already authenticate HTC app using Firefox can i go and then run PilotPoster via Chrome? thanx -alx

  12. kollington

    I need help adding Facebook account to pilot poster account. I have tried but don’t get it

  13. Hong Lan Lee

    is pilot poster able to post a schedule post as a page you manage?

  14. Chung Nguyen

    ” Access token not availabe for current facebook account and default app”

    Pleas help me to fix this erorr

    1. Hello, you need to authenticate one of the apps. Recommended are HTC Sense, Facebook for Android and iPhone.

  15. eesty

    Join Group Shedule Log :

    Error: (#3) Unknown method

    how can i fix this ?

  16. Arakana

    Hello PP,
    Don’t you think using only HTC Sense for posting links posts can risks to account ban by FB?

    1. HTC Sense App works just like the other apps. The most important thing is for you to post less with good interval.

    2. HTC Sense App works just like the other apps. The most important thing is for you to post less with a good interval.

  17. holapor favor podrian facilitarme alguien un video tutorial de como configurar una campaña en el pilot poster por favor ,gracias un saludo

  18. kasmot

    When authentication htc sense app i get a “Failed to connect to port 8800: Connection refused” on submission of token/url on your page

  19. Sabastine Ugwu

    Ever since the last 5.0v update, I can no longer update any of the fb accounts or to authenticate any app, it keeps saying “I’ve reached the maximum account allowed.
    I already connected 10 fb account before the last recent 5.0v update, but now none of them can be updated and authentication for apps are no more working for the whole accounts.
    What is the way forward now?

  20. Hi – I have authenticated HTC Sense – the image to my link shows up perfectly when saving my post, but when it schedules across to Facebook the image doesn’t show up – just an empty block where the image should be. Please can you assist me.

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