How to Setup Facebook Auto Comment on Pilot Poster

Starting from version 4, Pilot Poster introduced a free auto comment feature that can be used to bump your Facebook group posts. This article shows how you can set up auto comment on your posts.

Note: Auto-Comment works only on SCHEDULED POSTS

You can only comment on posts published using the schedule function and not posts published using the Send Now option. Also, you can only comment on posts published using Pilot Poster.

To set up comments for your Posts follow the steps below;

1. Create your Comments: The first step requires you to create your comments. To do this, From Main Menu, go-to Auto Comment > New Comment. Create as many comments as you’ll like (Note: Make them as real as possible, so they don’t look like spam).

2. Schedule Comment: To schedule a comment, you need to visit your already scheduled Posts. From Main Menu, Posts > Scheduled Posts > Auto Comment

3. Plan your Schedule: The next screen requires you to plan your schedule. The following options are available when planning your comment schedule.

  • Choose a Facebook Account: You can select the Facebook accounts you wish to post from (If multiple Accounts are selected, they are chosen randomly during posts)
  • Choose comments: Select the comments you wish to post (Comments are posted randomly)
  • Delay: Set the interval between each comment. (Do not post too fast)
  • Start & End Date/Time: Set when your comments should start posting and when it should end.

NOTE: Pilot Poster let you post maximum of 100 comments daily

4. Comment Pause & Log: You can stop and track your auto comment logs just the way you track your scheduled posts. To see the progress of your comments go back to your Schedule Posts, Click the Auto Comment icon once again;

On this window, you can see the progress of a commenting schedule, you can Pause, restart and view comment history.

To see the full log, click the View History button.

A successful comment will have the View Comment button, which will take you to the published comment on Facebook.

While a failed comment will be shown with the error code. The most common error code is (#200) Cannot Access Object ID which means the user does not have the permission to post comments to the post due to the post still PENDING or REMOVED.

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  1. alx

    this looks to be like a great addition to your already awesome software. would it be possible to have it so one can load a .txt file list of created comments to PP? it would really cut down on the time it would take to load 100, 200 etc. comments manually. just a thought.


  2. alx

    Follow Up,

    it occurred to me that comments might have to ‘categorized’, as some might be selling products while others might just want comments on images/memes and the like. would it be possible that a Comments Categories be made so we can separate comments so that they correspond to a particular “niche”?


  3. Deseo externar mi felicitación para el esfuerzo a éste software, ustedes hacen que éste mundo sea diferente. Esperen mi donación. Muchas gracias.

  4. thanks for added this features/
    I tried the features. The 1st comment is appeared, but the 2nd comment didn’t appeared

  5. alx

    i’m getting the #200 error but the post is neither “pending” or “deleted”. so far 3 posts with #200 error but i was able to post, the post is still there and none are pending.

    1. alx

      FOLLOW UP…

      okay, i just checked from account that i posted from and i have gotten messages that the comments have in fact, posted correctly. i don’t know why it is showing #200 error messages from within my PP account.

  6. Jim Greaver

    So this isn’t meant to respond to people’s comments on our posts, just for us to comment on our own posts?

    1. You can only comment on your post. The aim is to bump your posts to the top of the group.

      If you need a tool to that can post on others’ posts and comment on your friends’ posts, check out

  7. Any chance to increase 100 auto comment to min 300 or more? Fantastic work btw!!

      1. Actualy i need to bump my post from 100 different group.. trice a day would be great

  8. Jordan

    Awesome feature, but since its not for responding on your posts only for bumping it should delete the comment right after it posted it, this will result in your post still being bump you won’t look automated if you want to comment on that post again the next day.

  9. azam

    Yup great feature for sure been able to bump our post..
    But its better if we can set a time which the comment will be deleted after certain period of time..cause my aim is to bump it 3 times per night within 8.30pm to 10.30pm

  10. Nice guys.. but can you make auto comment repetation every hours instead days? That would be great!!thanks

    1. That could be risky for your account, except when you post to few groups. We’ll consider it if we receive more requests. Thank you.

      1. I haven’t got ban for spaming comment bumping my post..i think its safe..hope you guys can implement it

        1. Syazwan

          Facebook already put me in jail for 7 days due to bumping my post manually (not through Pilot Poster). It is not safe to repeat activity rapidly. Carefully select an interval which is safe.

          1. Im using 1min interval with no problem..just make sure ur comment less than 50 comment per day

  11. Effa

    Awesome work guys however im getting the action attempted has been deemed as abusive,,upon setting auto comment. Heres the scenario

    1. created a scheduled sale post to a group
    2. sales post got published and next run will be next day
    3. i manually changed the product name on facebook
    4. set auto comment and i got the abusive error

    Please assist guys, is it due to product name that i ve changed


  12. Charlie

    Cant auto comment on schedule post..what happening? Always got abusive error.please fix it..thanks
    Nice work btw

  13. So, using auto comment should I schedule the post to once and auto comment to repeat like everyday?

    Thank you.

  14. lotfi

    not working auto invite join groups how can i fix that

  15. fadlur

    when auto comment in post in log detail occured notice like this ‘singular status api is deprecated for v2.4 or higher’

    1. Hello Fadlur, kindly change the app used for posting/commenting.

      The recommended apps for Scheduling Posts that you’ll be commenting are Facebook for Android and iPhone.

  16. wonderful app, but one thing is missing via the auto comment, it will be dope enough if the auto comment has a provision to allow user and images to his/her saved comment

  17. Hi guys..this is wonderful feature for bumping post on facebook..but can we auto comment only for the new post on schedule status? Its look like if you set the auto comment on auto post it commenting on the old post too

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