Pilot Poster v3.5 is Here. What’s New?

Introducing Pilot Poster 3.5, and as our tradition, we’re letting you know what features came with this version.

This version includes two of the most requested features; Auto Repeat Schedules and Posting Products to Facebook Sales Groups. See the full features below;

  1. Auto Repeat Schedules: Yes, you can now set your schedule to repeat completely on Autopilot. You can repeat a post on your Facebook profile/page/group to wish your fans a happy Monday every week… or a great weekend… Saves your time for other tasks, and let Pilot Poster do the posting 😀
  2. Post Products to Sales Group (Beta): For the Facebook product sellers, Pilot Poster 3.5 is for you. Though we are still improving this function as it currently supports English speakers only for now. Nevertheless, we are very sure it is a tool many having waiting for. No doubt it ranks second in our feature requests.
  3. Remote Support (Beta): We are constantly working to improve our level of support. Though the team is small, we hope to grow bigger so we can render better support to all users. This is why we have introduced remote support function so the team can assist users who find it difficult in setting up their accounts and in troubleshooting errors when needed.
  4. More Facebook Apps: We have included more Facebook applications. This will increase your options of app to use when posting. One of this is Facebook for Android App.
  5. Improved UI: There is a slight improvement on the user interface of 3.5. We hope to improve this even better in 4.0.
  6. Removed LINK Customizer Fields: There was an API upgrade in 3.5 meaning our work around Facebook disabling customizing of links no longer works. However, you can check how to customize your Link Fields in this article.

Above are the major noticeable changes. There are also several bug fixes.

4.0 Coming Soon!

One of our primary aims is to include Auto Comment (Post Bump) function into 3.5. We could not achieve this because there is an urgent need to release 3.5 due to some bugs detected in 3.0 lately.

However, this function will be released in Pilot Poster 4.0, and it is coming soon!


We recently introduced donation so you can also contribute to the development of this great app and also to support the payment of our ever increasing server subscription fee. And we are very grateful to those who have donated. A big Thank you!


  1. terry

    facebook just started a new anti-spamming campaign just recently around last mth, pilot poster is no longer working, the posts which is posted by pilot poster has a 50% or higher rate of being blocked by facebook spam detection system, and it forbids public to view your posts.. are you aware of this? all the auto-posts which i used pilot poster to posts, 50% or higher are rejected by facebook.. are you able to do something? all your safe guidelines, all your safe options, are not working anymore

    1. Hello Terry, we’re aware of Facebook’s campaign against spamming lately and we’re constantly working to reduce flag rate for Pilot Poster Users.

      If your post gets flagged constantly for spam. It means you’re posting above the level set for your Facebook account. This is different for different accounts and our Safety guide is a common scenario based on our in house research/survey, it does not mean it applies directly to every account.

      Some accounts can post over 100 posts daily (My personal account post average of 110-120 daily) without getting flagged, while some get flagged for sending 40 posts. It all depends on your account’s reputation.

      I’ll advise you cut down your current posting rate by 50% and gradually build your reputation to increase your spam trust.

      Among the things to boost your posting reputation is performing manual activities too on the account like messaging friends, commenting on friends’ post, commenting/liking other group members activities. And most importantly, avoid getting flagged regularly by posting less.

      If you follow these guides, you’ll be able to post over 100 posts daily with time.

      You can always reach us at support@pilotpopster.com for guide or support.

      Thank you.

      1. Darrel

        I’ve only posted a few times. The last two were to 77 groups, 7 minute interval with a 2 hour pause. No issues.

  2. terry

    erm, all along i’ve been able to do the same as you as in 100+ ads a day, but the moment they started their newest system, i got blocked more than 50% of ads, and for your info, i only using pilot poster for 24ads a day, 1hr intervals.. and the block rate can be 50%

  3. Darrel

    Every time there’s an update my carefully selected group nodes go away. Why is that? Those take a lot of time to put together.

    Now with this last update I’m not connected to my Facebook account any more and my apps are gone.

    1. Hello Darrel, I think you changed your number of groups to be imported to 0 before the update.

      We have rectified this and restored your categories.

      Kindly check to confirm.

      Thank you.

      1. Darrel

        Looks good. Thanks!

        But I’m not sure that you mean about number of groups imported to 0. I don’t know what that settings is.

          1. Darrel

            I don’t remember setting that to 0. But it’s at 500 now. Thanks.

  4. Carla


    All of my posts on Facebook groups automatically have location. How can I remove such tag? Thank you.

    1. Carla

      I did not get any reply over e-mail. Any update, please? Thank you.



  6. après que je poste avec pilotposter j’obtiens ce message :

    Désolé, ce contenu n’est pas disponible actuellement.

    Le lien que vous avez suivi a peut-être expiré ou la page n’est peut-être accessible qu’à une audience dont vous ne faites pas partie.

    1. Bonjour,

      Assurez-vous que vous êtes connecté à Facebook avec le compte qui a accès aux groupes que vous avez posté.

      Beaucoup de groupes ne permettent pas aux non-membres d’afficher leurs messages.

  7. Chung Nguyen

    Please help me to fix this error. Many thanks.
    “Access token not availabe for current facebook account and default app”

    1. Hello, you need to authenticate one of the apps. Recommended are HTC Sense, Facebook for Android and iPhone.

  8. Sasa

    When I want to post something in buy/sell group and when I add price and tittle I don’t get price and tittle field really populated. I just get it in front of post this:
    for sale
    Price :
    but not populated.

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