The long awaited Pilot Poster v3 is finally here! Aside from fixing minor and major bugs like Double or Tripple Posting, it also comes with amazing features…. Check them out below:

1. Post Multiple Images

Posting up to 6 Images in a single post is now possible with Pilot Poster. This is one of the major features of Pilot Poster 3 as we received hundreds of mails requesting for this feature. This is good news for those who want to showcase their products to thousands of Facebook group members.

2. Post Videos Directly to Facebook

Pilot Poster 3 supports the posting of videos directly to Facebook. You can either upload video directly to your Pilot Poster account or via a hosted video link.

3. Post Insights (Beta)

This is another major feature that makes Version 3 so unique. You can now see the total reactions on a scheduled post. You can track the total number of clicks, likes and reactions of a post across multiple groups.

4. Account Stats

Want to know how many of your posts were successful and how many actually failed in the last 24 hours, Week or Month? Then the Account insights got you covered. It is now easy to track your post success to help you plan a better posting campaign.

5. Hide Unwanted Groups

You can now hide groups that you do not want to post. Constantly posting to some groups where the admin will never approve your post or where posting is restricted will only increase your chance of getting thrown into Facebook Jail. With the Hide Group/Page feature, you can hide such groups and focus on groups that’ll generate good engagements for your posts.

Above are 5 of many features of Pilot Poster 3. There are more features you’ll come across as you use this amazing Facebook Group Auto Poster.

Our mails are open to feature requests and we’ll consider the most requested features in the coming releases.

Simply drop a feature request comment below or drop us a line at support@pilotposter.com


  1. Hero124124

    Hi Sir, I cannot log in using the previous account.
    Is all the previous pilot poster account being reset?

    1. Hello, some accounts had issues during migration to V3.

      You need to reset your password to regain access to such account.

      Thank you.

  2. Julian Hirst

    I have logged, re-added my facebook account but when I go to post, no groups are listed :/ Do I need to enable an application or something?

  3. O Schedules não está pegando, a pessoa salva a postagem, faz todo processo mas ele não está Startando, analise isso.

    1. Olá,

      1. Certifique-se de que suas configurações de fuso horário estejam corretas
      2. Exclua a programação e altere o aplicativo usado para publicar. Os aplicativos recomendados são o Facebook para iPhone e HTC Sense.

  4. Cecille

    My scheduled posts are not being posted. Logs doesn’t say anything. Nothing is being posted.
    Please advice. Thanks.

  5. bhayu sufianto

    Dear Pilot Poster,

    When I added an FB account, no groups & pages came along. I tried to update with latest given way, when I uploaded save html file, it said “undefined”.

    Please help me how goes right with it.

    Thank you.

  6. David Nguyen

    Hi Pilotposter.
    I wonder if i have to online all the time or I just make schedule and i can go to sleep but my post still will be posted at the time i had set

    1. Hello, you do not have to be online if you have scheduled a post. But if you use the SEND NOW option, you have to keep the page open.

  7. Hola, no puedo agregar una categoria, agregue 2 y no puedo la tercera , no funciona . Las dos que cargue igual me dieron mucho trabajo.

  8. ankit agrawal

    I already sign in in with my fb account but in pilot poster it does not show my any group, page nothing ,
    and i am unable to post any message.
    Tell me how can i fix it.

    1. Hello, ensure you tick the Import Groups option when adding your Facebook account. You can simply update your Facebook account ensuring this option is ticked.

  9. Jim

    Dear Pilot Poster,
    I am receiving this error: No app has been defined, Please go to the settings -> publish settings and choose a default app.


  10. Ferjenand Rama

    Can i use Pilot poster to Auto Post using my Owned FB Page? Please reply..

  11. alx

    will you possibly implement a feature where one can load images in bulk and PP will change the image in a posting during a set sequence chosen by user? that would be awesometabulous.

    1. Hello, the feature to auto rotates images or text already exist. Although you need knowledge on using Spintax.

    2. Hello, the feature to auto rotates images or text already exist. Although you need knowledge on using Spintax.

  12. alx

    re: adding pages, does one “like” or “follow”, or does it matter? thanx

  13. CIao h delle difficolta a capire come attivare il resume dopo aver attivato Auto pause after (posts) a 20 min e Auto resume after a 20 min i miei post non vengono pubblicati puoi aiutarmi ?

        1. Dopo l’ultimo post, modificare la data dello screenshot alla nuova data e salvare.

          La ripetizione automatica verrà restituita nei prossimi aggiornamenti.

  14. Jack

    Can you add an affiliate program, so we can promote your service and hopefully in the future when you have other paid plans, we can make a little $$ and at the same time help you grow???

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