What’s New in Pilot Poster 5.0 Beta?

Pilot Poster 5.0 Beta is live with amazing features including; Auto Like, Image Upload Enabled, PP Premium, Safer Schedule and more.

As we usually do, we’ll like to inform you of the latest features in the latest version of Pilot Poster. And in version 5.0 Beta, the following are the features introduced;

1. Auto Like: The auto-like feature, just like the auto comment, lets you LIKE all of the posts in a schedule with all of the Facebook accounts you have on file.

2. Image Upload re-enabled: We have been able to restore the image and video upload directly from Pilot Poster in version 5.0 Beta. Although our URL is still being flagged from uploading content to Facebook and an appeal process is still ongoing. We have been able to provide a workaround to this, to ease the process of uploading your media content.

3. Pilot Poster Premium Launched: Prior now, we have been letting you know of our intention of introducing Pilot Poster Premium. And in PP 5.0 Beta, this has been introduced to enable us to provide you better services and support.

Subscribing to Premium is completely optional and was introduced to satisfy those users asking for more resources and ability to add more Facebook accounts. This will also enhance the development and support rendered.

Free account holders can still add up to 5 Facebook accounts and utilise all features except Video Uploads.

Goto your Account insights to view what you can achieve as a free user.

In our next update, ads will only be shown to free users and premium users will be ads free

4. Intelligent Posting Schedule: In version 4.5, we have experimented our intelligent scheduling with some accounts and the result was amazing!

Our scheduling system now integrates random timing interval to your schedules based on your account posting status. This reduces your chances of getting thrown into FB jail.

When a schedule is running and the system thinks you’re about triggering the Facebook jail police, it adds random time interval between 1-10 minutes to keep your account safe before running the next post.

Note: This does not mean you won’t be thrown in FB jail at some point. Follow our safety pre-cautions highlighted in this article to avoid/reduce the chances of being flagged.

5. Bug Fixes: Minor bugs were fixed from the previous version.

Upcoming Features: Auto Invite Friends to Join Group, Posting from RSS Feeds and Auto Repost functions.

Do you have any question regarding Pilot Poster 5.0 Beta? Kindly drop your comments below.


  1. Name

    Sudah kuduga cepat atau lambat pasti akan menjadi alat berbayar.

    Padahal saya sudah senang lihat kemampuan alat ini, dan gratiss pula

    1. Halo,

      Ini akan tetap gratis bagi pengguna yang tidak ingin melakukan upgrade.

      Dan akun gratis akan menikmati hampir semua fungsi.

      Terima kasih.

  2. zul

    have been using these platform for month … really great…a little bit frustated about the img/file not working…but overall more than expected…. really great work

    Looking forward for more update from you guys….(y)

  3. This is amazing thanks for your service, I am sorry for this question it might be out of this topic but hope you will work on it, it’s a suggestion. can you please add more feature in the gramto (Instagram tool) like to extract followers/followings from other users through CSV and then add another feature to upload those followers CSV files in the auto follower tab so that to make the tool easier for users of the gramto to gain more followers fast and easy.


  4. Rex

    Thanks Pilot Poster. It had increased the exposure of my real estate products.
    More power to Pilot Poster.

  5. Eesty

    Nice Work Realy, but i got some Problems with SPAM 🙁 Facebook is blocking all my accounts 🙁

  6. adi

    hopeully u will have a little more cheaper price like 5/month for premium features

  7. Arkana

    Does PP 5.0’s Auto-like Feature available for Free users OR, its only for Premium users?

      1. Arkana

        How to make the auto like poster work? Some tutorial please.

  8. I would have actually love to Autopost on PP with my RSS feed.What do you think about this?

  9. Luiz Augusto Silveira

    Página de pagamento não carrega! Qual é o preço do novo sistema ?

  10. rahman

    What’s the problem with my account,, I’ve tried to update my password but still error,, and I cant login

  11. fauzi

    Picture did not appear when i post using a link from my Blog…. Do you have any solutions on this issues?

  12. Nadia

    Kenapa saya dah buat interval post 5minit dan start pada pukul 8 malam tapi autopost tak seperti yang saya setkan??

    1. Halo, kami menghadapi masalah dengan sistem penjadualan dan pasukan sedang berusaha untuk menetapkannya. Terima kasih

  13. Hi Pilot Poster! I ve paid you in order to add many groups , but when i make save after search, i dont find them on my list where i have groups to be posted! My schedule list show me few groups and does nt added to my group list. Plz help

    1. Hello,

      When you schedule to join groups, the group admin needs to confirm your join request in most cases.

      And after joining being accepted to the groups, you need to update your Facebook account on Pilot Poster to Import the newly joined groups.

      To update, go to Settings > Facebook accounts > Update (the middle button on the profile picture).

      Thank you.

  14. Hi! I got this msg:
    It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it. Learn more about blocks in the Help Center. :
    Error Code : 368
    How to be unblocked?

  15. Hello! I stayed a few days without running the PilotPoster. Now I’ve been trying to start over and all Facebook accounts tell me this:
    “No valid access token for this Facebook account available, please update your Facebook account via the new access token.”
    When opening each Facebook account it will report an attack and have the password changed. This done when trying to post in PilotPoster the problem repeats itself.
    What can be done to correct?

    1. Hello Veronica,

      If you face the password changed error, kindly open Facebook on another tab from a known device and select the ‘IT WAS ME’ option when the Facebook checkpoint comes up. This happens because your location differs from our server location and Facebook wants to be sure it was you who tried login into the account.

      Best regards.

  16. harika

    Hi There!
    Why Image with link is not supported in pilotposter

  17. do you have email support ? I’m planning to upgrade but something is wrong with auto join group function and it doesnt show any article about it.

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