How to create a category and add groups

For you to fully utilize the full power of Pilot Poster facebook group auto poster, you must target the right audience with your posts. Having hundreds of groups and posting to them is a good thing and a sure way to earn traffic, but the most important aspect of posting to multiple facebook groups with our auto poster is engaging the users. Making them click your links. This is where Pilot Poster group sorting comes in, with our tool, you can engage different groups with the users in mind with your posts.

How to create a Category

To create a category, go to Home from the main menu, scroll down to there table where you have your group list.  Enter the category name and click Add as in the image below. You’ll get a message that category is successfully added.

add group category - pilot poster

How to Add Facebook Groups to a Category

To add groups to your newly created category, click the plus sign + at the end  of every group, select the category you want to add the group in the pop up.

A success message will appear. Congratulations! you have successfully created and added a facebook group to a category.

Drop comment below if you need help creating categories.

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  1. Mike

    “**To add groups to your newly created category, click the plus sign + at the end of every group, select the category you want to add the group in the pop up.**”

    No. No + sign shows at the end of every or any group in the list.

    So how can I add them to a category without the + sign?


    1. Hello Mike, sorry this article is outdated. An updated version is on the way.

      To add groups to categories now, you need to select the groups, and then click the + button on top of the table. A new dialog will be opened from which you select the groups you’ll be adding the selected groups.

      Thank you.

    1. Os grupos são importados automaticamente quando você adiciona sua conta do Facebook. Certifique-se de selecionar a opção LOAD MY GROUPS ao adicionar sua conta do Facebook.

  2. Emanuele

    It is useful to have a column “category” in the list of groups , so we can see which groups are categorized and which are to categorize.

  3. Chirag

    It is not updating my groups, only page it uploaded. even did not tick the only open groups.

    really need your help

    1. Hello, I’ll advise you delete your Facebook account from your Pilot Poster account and start the Facebook Account Add process again.

      Thank you.

  4. sueanna toney

    pilot poster only shows groups I have created, can you add groups you joined?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Pilot Poster imports all Facebook groups and Pages. Both the groups and pages you created and groups/pages you’ve joined/liked.

      Please contact us at so we can assist you further.

      Thank you.

  5. Cindy

    Also, when I try to make a new category it says it must contain only alpha numeric characters…..that is what I have? Why can’t I make a category?

    1. Pilot Poster

      You need to enter the name of the category first before clicking the create button. And the name must be between a-z and 0-9. Special characters are not allowed.

  6. Cindy

    Can you remove a group from the list? I belong to several that are not places to post my kind of things so would like to delete them from the list.

    1. Pilot Poster

      To delete a group from your list, simply tick the group (s) and click the delete button as in the image below

      delete button

      1. Mildred

        Wrong, I tried to delete groups that I don’t post in and this system won’t let me. Show me another way. I think this system needs an update.

        1. Hello Mildred, to remove the groups you don’t wish to post;

          1. Create a category and add all groups you wish to post to the category

          2. Delete the unwanted groups from Facebook and update your Facebook on Pilot Poster.

  7. Avivage

    Pilot poster is unable to successfully extract all my facebook groups why?

    1. Pilot Poster

      Hello, goto settings > posting settings > and ensure you have not enabled your account to display OPEN groups only.

  8. Nissi

    am getting error msg trying to post, even when i post successfully i see error message in the post status

  9. Nissi

    i have join several groups since i signed up yet its not reflecting on my group list, what should i do now?

    1. Pilot Poster

      To import newly joined groups. You need to Re-add/Update the Facebook account.

      1. tiny


        How to re-add/update the facebook account …where is the icon was place in pilot

        1. Pilot Poster

          Goto Settings > Facebook Accounts > Add/Update Facebook Account.

  10. I can not add the new groups that I have entered or the groups I have deleted by mistake

    1. Pilot Poster

      This feature will be available in the next update. Thank you

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