How to Import All Facebook Groups on Pilotposter v3

Note: Use Google Chrome Browser ONLY!

Facebook announced it’ll be deprecating Graph API 2.3 on the 10th of July, which it actually deprecated on the said date.

The implication of this is that Pilot Poster can no longer fetch your groups automatically using Graph API. Fortunately, this came at a time we were about launching Pilot Poster 3, so we had to delay the launching to integrate a new method of fetching groups.

Watch the video below to learn how you can import all your Facebook groups;


Method 2 – Using Facebook for iPhone App

If you are unable to load your groups using HTML file method above, please try the alternative method here;

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  1. oscar95201

    Hola amigos, no se pueden agregar los grupos, ya lo intente subiendo un documento HTML, y nada, me sale el siguiente enlace. “No groups found on the submitted file”. Ayuda.

  2. Asun

    Hello, I just follow you video, but how all group not showing. “No groups found on the submitted file”

  3. hello…when i tried updating the html file a red notification saying no group can be found was shown. i followed the video accordingly



  5. tarek

    use google chrome to save groups as HTML works for me

  6. Hero124124

    Hello, I would like to ask about the re-post setting that previously available.
    Is it still available to re-post everyday?

    1. We temporarily disabled this feature due to a bug we noticed lately. We are working to have it fixed and re-post function will return in the next update.

      1. Hero124124

        Okay. Thanks for the fast reply and all the effort.

  7. Mike

    Hello. The new update here has wiped out all my FB accounts that I had. Is there a way to restore those accounts? I’ve also sent you an email about this but you have not responded so I’m having to ask here. Thanks

  8. Azzhar

    Hi, how to add new category with current version? I have successfully create new category, however when try to add new node, that category never show in list?

  9. Bhayu Sufianto

    Dear Pilot Poster,
    I was very grateful for your reply. When I logged in to Pilot Poster, I found all my Facebook accounts disappeared. Thought it because of the Version 3. After I added an account as per instruction in online support menu, I succeeded adding the account, however no groups & pages appeared. I tried to update as per the link you’ve given me above, it said “the html file has no group”.
    Please tell me what to do to get it right

      1. bhayu sufianto

        Dear Pilot Poster,

        When I used the 2nd method, the access token didn’t appear. I tried to authenticate HTC Sense, then I fell into check point. I exceeded the time for identifying friends’ pictures.
        Now my account is being locked out.

        Any suggestion for getting me out of check point?

        Thank you.

  10. mohmmad

    doesnt work html method and alternator method why?????

  11. pls help. the schedule isnt working…..i have set it with the facbook for iphone for close to 24hrs now…and none has been posted. pls checked it out

  12. akter ferdous arafat

    Added multiple facebook account but can fetch group and page from default account. How can I get all group and page from all accounts

    1. Hello, you have to switch accounts to post with other accounts.

      Click on Your Name at the top right to switch account.

  13. hakimrasid

    hi. i load my accounts. but there is no details of my group. 0 Groups is loaded. need help with this

    1. Change the number of groups to be imported from 0 to 500.

      To do this, Goto Settings > Facebook Accounts > Number of Groups to Import > Save > Update Facebook accounts.

      Or provide us with your username.

  14. Robert Castrejon

    How do I delete a node from Scheduled Post?

    1. Hello, you cannot delete a node from a running schedule. The best practice is to re-schedule without the group. We’ll work on this feature in future updates.

  15. Carly Barrett

    Hi I have imported my groups but only around 500 are showing even though I am in many more than that. I have gone into Settings and ensured that the maximum number of imported groups is set to 1000. Are you able to help me with this please? Thank you

  16. Blessing Ehiagwina

    How can I join groups using pilot poster? Is there a way to embed and play youtube video on vacebook uusing Pilot poster?

    Thank you

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